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We are specialized in creating websites, apps, e-commerce and digital content. We combine strategy, design and technology to build great digital brand experiences. Leading Shopify Plus partner in Scandinavia.
Offices in Montreal and Copenhagen

Budget : 10,000$ à 25,000$
Ville: Montréal


Architecture d'information : Prototypage
Assurance qualité
Bases de données
Conception : Conception de sites Web
Contenu : Rédaction marketing
Design : Identité visuelle
Design interactif
Expérience utilisateur : Flux d'utilisateurs (User flow) Personas Scénarios
Gestionnaires de contenu
Programmation : RubyOnRails Wordpress
Systèmes et serveurs


Video production for Google
Video production for Google
HelloSkin (LEO Innovation Lab)
HelloSkin (LEO Innovation Lab)
E-commerce for Mads Nørgaard
E-commerce for Mads Nørgaard
Digital platform for Maersk Line
Digital platform for Maersk Line

Études de cas


Case: "Every year Maersk Line has thousands of used containers that are being phased out all over the world. Previously locating and buying one these used containers was a manual and time-consuming task. Together with Maersk Line, we set out to digitalize the process and make buying containers a lot easier"


First off we developed a system to keep track of all the containers around the world, giving the Maersk salesmen a complete overview of the full container fleet. Next up we built an online store with an easy search module making it possible for the customers to buy a container from their couch.


E-commerce platform and CRM-tool __ UX design __ Web design __ Illustrations __ User testing __ Development We went from get-go to the first sold container in under 200 days.The platform has been launched in 21 countries and is launching globally in 2016


Hello Skin (LEO Innovation Lab)


Psoriasis in one of the worlds most wide-spread skin diseases and an estimated 3 % of the world's population is living with psoriasis. The Danish medical company Leo Innovation Lab is taking a different approach to treating the disease. Along with traditional treatment, they offer patients a range of digital tools that make living with psoriasis easier.


Together with Leo Innovation Lab we created a brand and built a webshop that is the first ever to be focusing on people living with psoriasis. On the site, we built a product finder that makes it easy to self-diagnose and find the product that suits your specific needs.


We went from early concept to a fully functional e-commerce platform in a crazy fast 100 days. Including naming, visual identity design, user testing and building the product finder. The store has launched in the UK and more countries are soon to come. __ Naming __ Visual Identity __ UX Design __ Webdesign __ User testing __ Development

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